How to instantly turn everybody around you into nice people I

Was at the pharmacy to order meds. They told me it’d take long, maybe 20 minutes, as I didn’t pre-order.
I sat down, getting ready to work, expecting to wait for 40 minutes (not unusual).
Only 10 minutes later, they called my name.
I was delighted. I must have shown my emotions. I walked up (most likely with a happy smiley face and bright wide eyes, ‘That was fast!’
The pharmacist immediately smiled. The smile seems to be the kind that shows her happiness at knowing that they are doing a good job. She advised, ‘next time you know you can pre-order to minimise the waiting time.’ She was being extra nice.
Emotions are contagious. If you smile, the other person would find it difficult to hold a stern face! You get better customer service! You get people who treat you better! 😀

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