Why do you need coaching?


‘A coach is a collaborative partner who works with the learner to help them achieve goals, solve problems, learn and develop’ – Janice Caplan, experienced coach

Be successful in your challenges

I believe every one of us has the skills and capabilities to face the challenges in our lives. Sometimes, we just need someone to talk to, bounce ideas off, open our eyes, ears and minds a little or just to give us a little push.

Why do you need coaching?

The CEO of your multinational corporate of 131,000 people is coming to visit and you’ve been asked to give the welcome speech. How would you prepare for it?

Your regional boss in HQ Canada is asking you to cut headcount but you truly think you need more resources. You’ve been given an opportunity to do a presentation. How can you get the budget?

As a senior VP you have a training trip in 1 month with other execs from the world. How can you make a good impression and deep and meaningful connections?

On occasions, you may find yourself in unfamiliar or challenging situations in a Western business context that demand a good handle of English and the culture, such as attending an international convention, influencing potential clients, getting a new job or motivating a regional, multi-lingual team.

How does it work?

Through powerful questions to get you to think for yourself and find your own answers, coaching will help you become more effective in your job through improving your understanding of a situation and communications. You will feel more confident, communicate to influence, build significant relationships, drive business results, be a more effective leader and build your personal and professional brand in the industry.

Understand how it works, learn about how others feel about the experience, know the coach, and see our training courses.

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