Find your meaning • live your dream • be happy

PCC Professional Certified Coach ICF International Coaching Federation

My purpose: help you live your dream and be happy

I help female leaders lead more fulfilling lives by enhancing their self-confidence and effectiveness.

  • Do you want to feel more confident and make more impact when communicating to senior leaders?
  • Do you feel your job doesn’t let you live your full potential?
  • Do you struggle to get noticed, recognized or rewarded?
  • Do you wish you had more influence with people around you at work?
  • Are you hungry for bigger challenges, professional & personal growth, but struggle to get the opportunities?
  • Are you from a non-English speaking culture trying to prove yourself around mostly white people, in an Anglo-Saxon MNCs environment?

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I coach leaders in MNCs to gain self-confidence, performance, job satisfaction and professional opportunities by enhancing their self-awareness/clarity, communication and relationships.

I love what I do because I was the same once, trying to find my purpose, prove myself and have courage to change. Now I know who I am, I want others to enjoy the same privilege. I love seeing others improve, learn and grow.

With my contagious positive outlook, critical thinking and perceptivity, I help you challenge your assumptions, appreciate your unique strength, live your full potential, see endless possibilities and grow.

I’m proud of positive changes I have made (names have been replaced):

  • Every week, Lisa works with the regional & global teams, people from more than 7 different cultures. She feels anxious speaking with the senior white leaders. We worked to make her feel more at ease.
  • Jon the GM of a MNC has a new boss in Canada he wants to impress. He also has to work closely with 2 new executives Mick and Sam to deliver results, although they work in silos. I helped him have more clarity on the new business and communication strategies.
  • Jen has +10 years of experience. She’s stressed about a promotion opportunity that’s come up, into an area she doesn’t like. Alternatively, she can do what she loves in another company. Coaching helped her see the right move and be comfortable with her decision.

According to Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Dare to be different. Ready to try something new?

Why now?

With so much info available to us at arm’s length, all the free training, articles and podcasts telling us what to do, it’s hard to be clear about what should be your first step to start living the life you want.

No one knows your life better than you do. We are the experts of our own life. No more consultants. Even though the consultant may be an expert in e.g. finding a job, he can’t possibly know what’s the best course of action for you after knowing you for 30 minutes.

Here’s where true professional coaching come in. No more advice. No more living the life of another person. At home, our parents told us what to do. At school, our teacher told us what to do. At work, our boss tells us what to do. In coaching, you will tell yourself what to do.

I am going to treat you as an equal. I see you as creative, resourceful and whole. I will partner with you to find your own answers and face the challenges.

Be in charge. Be yourself. Be more confident because no one is ‘better’ than you. Be happier because you deserve to be. Live your dream. Try it out for yourself.

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