About the coach

A highly motivating coach who helps clients use their strengths to succeed, she leverages her versatility, perceptiveness and diverse work experience to work with a wide array of clients. As a Chinese living abroad for 13+ years, Jessica’s real life experience of a foreign culture trying to fit into an Anglo-Saxon MNC, a developing country, and across different cultures lends diversity to her communication effectiveness coaching. She tailors to each of her diverse pool of clients with versatility and lends a innovative and multicultural perspective to help them confront their challenges. She emphasizes on practical and effective communications and is passionate about achieving excellence, performance and learning.

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More about me

  • I have reinvented myself numerously: have a BA in history of art, worked in finance at IBM, managed a hostel and renovation project, moved to a new city with new people, new language & new culture, taught English and now coach executives.
  • Passionate about creativity, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, effective communication, personal & professional growth!
  • I’m infectiously positive, insatiably curious and incredibly authentic.
  • I always find options, keep my word, walking the talk.
  • Originally from Hong Kong
  • Lived in England for a decade
  • Now live in Colombia, South America!

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