Why am I doing this?

I am passionate about helping others succeed because I was once in the same boat.

I was depressed once. I didn’t know what’s the meaning of my life. I didn’t see the point, since eventually we all die and it won’t matter whatever happened.

I tried very hard to look for the job I thought I wanted.

Then I spent every day hating the job, feeling miserable.

I didn’t find my purpose in it. I tried very hard to impress, to ‘perform’. Working in one of the biggest corporates in the world, I wanted to be successful and prove myself. I needed confidence and clarity to take the step/risk to change.

Then I was lucky to stumble into a self-discovery period in which I found my own meaning, values, purpose and mission.

One thing led to another, I moved to Colombia, South America.

Now, I am clear about who I am, what makes me happy, what I want to accomplish, what I am good at, and how I want my life to be.

People have asked me how I got into this. I’m the living proof of when there’s a will there’s a way!

Now I want to help others who is also looking to for a more fulfilling life.

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