Group Coaching


85% percent of our success in life is due to human engineering – our ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead.’

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Besides individual coaching, Jessica offers group experience that are one day long. They are perfect for your organisation to be trained up for the every-day communications at work.

The Impressive Presenter

The Effective Communicator

The Advanced Communicator

The Amazing Networker

Rock your First Job

Incredible Job Interviews

‘I need a written confirmation from my client in Atlanta but he’s not replying and I have already written twice. How can I get a reply?’

‘I need to speak to a major stakeholder from Australia on the phone for the first time. I’m worried about making mistakes and not understanding the other person..’ 

‘I’m a recent graduate. I know I have to go out there and network but I don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers.. How can I land the job I want?’

What do others say about it?

‘With the tips, I will improve my communications skills to move to a regional role.’
‘This helped me make better presentations, show credibility when we express, not to be afraid of making suggestions!’
‘I was able to become more assertive and be perceived to be a helpful colleague for the business.’
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