High Impact Presentations

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‘32% of people fall asleep during PowerPoint presentations.’

Have you ever wanted to implement an initiative and got shut down by your boss after presenting the idea?

Have you ever had trouble knowing how to start presenting about your ideas, business plans or problems?

Have you ever spent a long time talking about a complex problem just to realize in the end that your audience didn’t understand or remember a word of what you’ve said?

Have you ever caught yourself in a ‘blank’ moment while speaking in front of others?

Do you wish that you never had to do any presentation or speak in public?

You may already know by now, having the most impressive-looking PowerPoint deck does not necessarily create an impact on your audience. That’s the job of a graphic designer.

How does it work?

You will participate in a highly interactive and practical course that challenges your comfort zone. By working outside your comfort zone, you’ll gain new skills, grow old ones, and enjoy personal development. The course is designed to be fun and rewarding: it’ll give you maximum amount of practices in a safe and open environment, in a small group alongside others who are all ambitious in achieving the same objective – making your message stick.

‘Public speaking is not a talent – it is a skill.’

What do others say about it?

‘I got good advice on body language, sentences/expressions and the correct way to start.’

‘It was personalised and helped recognise each individuals’ issues in their own presentations.’

‘The course is particular strong in the practical exercises and opportunities to receive feedback from my peers.’

Find out more here.

Don’t put off speaking in public any more. Improve your presentations and help others to do so now! Call 321 274 3033 or write to us to find out more:


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