Get Ready for your First Job


‘My boss keeps rejecting the work that I do and I don’t feel confident enough..’

‘I need to motivate my team to carry out a workshop but they are not convinced that the initiative will succeed. What can I do?’

‘My colleague doesn’t pull her weight and doesn’t respond to my email. I don’t like him. I think he’s not serious. How can I work with him?’

Have you noticed that people don’t really remember what you’ve said after you’ve done a presentation?

Do you wish that you never had to do any presentation or speak in public?

What do others say about it?

‘The coaching sessions discuss different aspects of my professional career. They help me better understand my goals and objectives, confront difficult situations, reinforce my professional interests, identify my strengths and opportunities and take career actions and decisions. Jessica always challenges my behavior and give me tips in order to help me develop personally and professionally. I always try to implement her tips in my daily life.’

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