University applications


‘The limits of my language are the limits of my world’ ‒ Ludwig Wittgenstein

To do your Masters, you need to deal with TOEFL, university application essays and interviews! How can you make sure you nail them all?

You need a 7 in IELTS. How can you get it, especially in writing and speaking?!

You need the Chevening scholarship’s financial support to study in the UK. How can you make sure you win it?

You want to get into the best Law Schools in the States but you cannot decide which  university to apply to because you don’t meet all the basic requirements.. What do you do?

You have just received an email asking you to go for an interview in 2 days! What do you focus on first?!

What do others say about it?

“Ms. Wong’s coaching not only helped me with the English skills necessary for the different essays and interviews of the processes, but also helped me analyze my career, goals and achievements to convey a strong message in the applications. With her valuable help, I gained confidence and was able to highlight my strengths in my application.” 

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