How to REALLY get noticed!

I created this guide after taking a look at all the clients who have approached me. Most of them have one thing in common. They came, asking, with a little desperation, ‘could you please help me with my English,’ to which I would, admittedly, feel bewildered. Since most of these individuals are highly educated, their English is, sometimes, even better than a Native speaker’s!

This guide will help you overcome any challenge you have! Any situations that may be making you feel uneasy.

It can be the interview you are about to have next week for a job opportunity that you have been waited for, for 2 years.

It may be the very important presentation that you need do when the global chairman is visiting next week.

It may be the difficult conversation you have been trying to have with your boss for the past year, about the pay rise that you need so much, so that you can pay for the swimming lessons of your 8-year-old girl.

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