The easy way to be mindful

What’s this all about? Everyone suddenly talking about this buzzword. It’s easy. I will show you how. Do this and you will be practising mindfulness without you even knowing.

Find a comfortable place to sit down.

Make sure your back and feet are supported. Do not cross your legs.

Breathe in. Make sure your chest doesn’t move up. Bulge out your belly button.

Breathe out. Suck in your belly button to your spine.

*I once heard this from a yogi. The key is not to breathe in. The key is to breathe out. Once you breathe out, you will have capacity for air to get in.*

Now your chest shouldn’t be moving at all. Just your belly doing the work.

As you breathe in, count to 5.

Breathe out. Count to 5.

Do this 3 times (ie. 10 times in and out).

Then, start to visualise the air going through your nose, your wind pipes, into your belly, and the same way out as you breathe out.

Notice any tensions in your body. Your eyelids. Your eye brows. Your cheeks. Your neck. Scan your body. Make a conscious effort to relax the parts that you find tensions in.

During this time, keep bulging the belly in and out.

That’s it! Voilà! You’ve just practiced mindfulness.

You can do this anywhere. I love telling clients to take 5 minutes off their desk by dashing to the bathroom, find a cubicle, and that’s your mindfulness island.

There’s more to it, about the thoughts and all. But this is basically beginners’ guide to mindfulness.


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