What others got out

  • Jackie has the opportunity to have a promotion to be a regional director to a continent of cultures completely opposite to hers. We worked on cross-culture work and communication.
  • Mary has a meeting with the senior VP, the sponsor who made her current role possible, to impress her with what she’s achieved in the past year. We worked to get more clarity on her key message.
  • Lisa has to interact effectively with regional & global teams, which could be made up of more than 6 different countries and different cultures. She wants to influence them to take action. We worked on exposing her to different ways to communicate.
  • John the GM has a new boss he needs to impress. The new organization change means he has to work closely with and rely on the support of Mick and Sam, who have been integrated from an acquired company and work in silos. We worked on strategies and a communication plan.
  • Nancy feels bad because she’s not getting any jobs or even hearing back from any of them after having sent hundreds (at least it feels like that) of applications. We worked to get more clarity on the situation and the right course of action for her.
  • Scarlett is very stressed because she feels ready for a new challenge but the opportunity is between being promoted into an area she doesn’t want, and doing what she really loves but moving into a new company from her current one which is a great place to work. We worked on clarifying her goals and aspirations to help her make the decision.
  • Helen feels very anxious because of restructuring in her organization. She’s not sure if her job is safe. The option to participate in a selection process for a role means she will have to move to a frontier country with her family, even though she just relocated to a new continent 1 year ago. We worked to get a better understanding about what’s important to her and how to accept the change.
  • Karen is very confused because she wants to be more confident and popular and feel she can say anything you want in front of others, but she doesn’t want people to judge her. Through our coaching partnership, she got more awareness of who she is and what’s the right thing for her.
  • Debs is over-worked and burned out in her international law firm. There’s clearly too much work, but she doesn’t know how to say no to her clients and boss. We brainstormed and found options.

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