Happy that it’s working!

Got a phone call today from an unknown number.


’Hi. Is this Jessica?‘
‘Yes it is speaking.’
‘Hi Jessica, It’s Bonnie. I got your name from Mary. I would like to get some coaching from you.’
‘Great! Good to hear from you!’ I wanted to see how much she already knows before I bore her with details about coaching, ‘what has Mary told you about what coaching is?’
‘Actually I don’t know much about coaching because I don’t really know Mary.’
I am baffled. Why would Bonnie contact me if she hadn’t learnt about the coaching experience from Mary?
‘Oh so how did you find out about me?’
‘It was her friend who told me about you but she’s not a client of yours.’
‘And what’s the reason she told you about me?’
‘What happened was that Mary told my friend about the coaching experience with you. My friend heard about the challenges that I’m facing and she thought I might benefit from taking some coaching.’
I was happy to hear this because it is a real word of mouth effect – someone who never took any coaching from me recommended me to her friend! I must talk to Mary to see what she tells people because whatever she shares is able to allow people to understand what coaching is!
#JessTheCoach #CreateHappiness #OwnYourLife #CoachingIsGold #HeightenedAwareness #ShiftYourMind #WhatIsCoaching #DemystifyCoaching
*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals

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