So happy to know that others are living happier lives!

Earlier this year I wanted to order some flowers for Mother’s Day. I contacted the best person I know for arranging flowers.

‘I can’t do it because I’m now abroad studying interior design!’

I was pleasantly surprised, ‘how come?!’

‘It’s because of you!’

‘How’s that?!’ I was baffled.

‘Yes it’s the coaching we did!’

I remember she used to work as an analyst and did flower arrangements as a side gig. She was a creative who found herself in the wrong place. She had chosen a ‘good’ career according to definitions held by society. I gave her a taster session of career coaching. I asked her what she’s afraid of about making a change, what would be the minimum she would have to live on, what could be the worst that could happen. She didn’t seem to want to make any changes in her life even though she didn’t seem happy.

We hadn’t been in touch since. I didn’t think the coaching would lead to any change because coaching is not the same as consulting / mentoring / training, which are mainly knowledge transfer. Coaching is a process in which change and growth happens over a period of time.

‘You know the testimonial you asked for a while back? Sorry I haven’t done it yet. Can I do it now?’

‘Yes of course!’

I’m glad to know she took charge of her life and pursued her dreams! This is why I love my job! Changing lives!

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