How can I find the courage to speak up?

Client: I still feel anxious when I have to speak up in meetings. I feel I understand everything but still I feel afraid to speak! I got so exhausted on the business trip! I had to concentrate so hard!

Me: it sounds like you may have the imposter syndrome.. Let me show you something.

*sent client this article*

Me: What comes to your mind?

Client: It seems I am the ‘perfectionist’ imposter..! I’m saying yes to all the questions!


I seem to be surrounded by the perfectionist imposters, which seems to be constantly living under tyranny.. Perfect is not fun at all. It just causes grief for themselves and for others. Not a good thing.

Do you have the imposter syndrome?

I’ve always loved this: clients have come to me asking ‘please help me improve my communication, I NEED YOU!’, while most of the time they just need a shot of confidence and self-awareness!

Find your way out. Ask ‘what would happen if it weren’t perfect?’ ‘What’s the worst that could happen if it wasn’t the way I’d do it?’

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