How to impress in interviews II – how do I know what’s my unique selling points?

Got to work with a pilot this week! Excited! He came through to me for interview coaching. *It’s funny how I saw him completely differently when I found out he was a captain! A captain!*

‘Why should I hire you?’

‘I have the professional certificate, the medical certificate, the experience, the papers.’

*Again.. general answers..!*

‘What do you think you’ve got that others don’t? I mean, there are so many pilots out there who got pass the first round!’

‘I’m motivated, passionate, dedicated. I’m responsible.’

Ok.. not quite satisfied with the lame generalities.. I asked, ‘imagine you were the company hiring managers. What do you see in this guy that gets your attention over the other ones?’

‘Well.. actually this is one of the questions I found hard to answer.’

‘Ok. Let’s try a different one. What have your boss and colleagues said about you?’

‘Hum.. they said I’m ahead of the game. That I’m well prepared. That I got the weather report before the captain even thought of it.’

‘Right. So you have foresight.’

‘Yea and I’m quiet.’

Er.. Ok… how is that a strength? ‘What does that mean..?’

‘Well, I don’t speak much. I’m happy to be quiet and just listen. When I’m working I don’t like to talk about anything other than the flying.’

‘How is this a plus?’

‘So you can concentrate on doing a good job. I’m different from other pilots who love talking and gossiping and you get distracted! I’ve heard them complain that I’m boring that I don’t say a word at work. Unlike some others who usually don’t like the silence!’

So, when you have problem knowing what’s special about you, ask yourself, ‘what have others I worked with said about me? What would they say about me?’

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